Computer Color Register Rotogravure Printing Machine

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Products application

This machine is  suitable  for  multi-color  once-through continuous printing for such roll film materials with excellent printing performance as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and paper, etc. Its printing speed is 130m/min, while the mechanical speed is 150m/min.

Product Features

  1. In permutation and combination style, with possible addition and reduction of printing color class and addition of reverse printing mechanism as required by customers.
  2. Whole machine computer register, static inspection computer optional.
  3. Main motor with inverter speed control.
  4. PLC centralized control for electrical system and man-machine conversation with the touch screen.
  5. Shaft less printing cylinder loading device, printing cylinder is fixed by shaft-less air chuck. Its adopts air cylinder to pull the core of axis to install the cylinder.
  6. Pneumatic impressing system and pneumatic doctor blade system
  7. Turret un/rewinding section, non-stop changing roll..
  8. Drying system adopts fully closed oven, outer secondary air resource returning design. The temperature is controlled by intelligent temperature controller, while the returning roller adopts water cooling device to control to assure the cooling of film. 
  9. Diaphragm-type pneumatic ink auto circulating system
  10. All guide rollers with hardness oxidation and static and dynamic balance processing.

Technical parameters

The specification is depends on 8 colors:

Model  SLAY-C-800  SLAY-C-1000  SLAY-C-1200
Printing Width 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Printing Color 8 Color
Max Printing Speed 130m/min     
Un/Rewind Dia  ф600mm (Φ800mm Optional)      
Material Core Dia  ф76mm ( ф156mm Optional)
Printing Cylinder Dia  ф100~ф380mm         
Register Precision Vertical:≤±0.12mm(Auto)
Horizontal:≤±0.12mm(Manual), Horizontal Auto Optional
Tension Control Range  3~25kg/Full  Width  
Heating Way Electric Heating(Gas/Oil Heating Optional)
Total Power 120Kw 130Kw 140Kw
Weight 16000KG 18000KG 20000KG
Dimension  L14500×W3000×H2650mm  L14500×W3200×H2650mm  L14500×W3400×H2650mm