Paper Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine

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1. Imported high precision T-Die

2. Extruder: Automatically temperature control and material feeding 

3. Triplicate roller extrusion lamination device to ensure the quality and efficiency of machine

4. Whole machin ewith fully automatic tension control

5. The unwind device, laminating device and rewinding device synchronized auto control

6. PLC programmable control, man-machine interface operation



The Extrusion Laminating Machine model NO. SDF-A which laminating double side, multi-layers for time is independent research and development by Song Tai Machinery Factory.This type of machine has been widely used for substrates such as paper,non woven fabric,aluminum foil, thin film,etc that needs to be multi-layer lamination at one time. This is the right machine for laminating the laminated packaging materials such as double-side laminated paper cup, disposable milk and aseptic paper-plastic aluminum box, and photo paper, aluminum lamination, 6 layer paper-plastic etc.


Model SDF-A800 SDF-A1000 SDF-A1200 SDF-A1600 SDF-A1800
Max coating width 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1600mm 1800mm
Extruding power 25kw 30kw 37kw 37kw 45kw
Extruder screw φ80 φ90 φ95 φ100 φ110
Max output 160kg/h 180kg/h 220kg/h 240kg/h 260kg/h
Coating resin LDPE,HDPE,PP
Base material Paper(35-350gsm),Non-woven fabric,Woven cloth,Aluminum foil
Machine speed 80-150m/min
Coating thickness 0.012mm-0.05mm
Diameter of unwind ¢1200mm~¢1500mm
Diameter of rewind ¢1200mm~ ¢1500mm
Diameter of auxiliary unwind ¢450mm-¢600mm
Tension inverter Full automatic tension controller,Digital vector control converter
Elextric controller PLC programmable controller,Touch screen operation
Installing area 15000mm x 7000~9000mm x 2850mm