High Speed Laminating Machine

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Product Application

This machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD, Al-plated film, Al-tissue and laminating film and paper with the same properties. It’s mechanical speed is 150m/min.

Product Features

  1. Whole machine controlled by PLC, with high running reliability and stability.
  2. In-touch screen man-machine interface, 10.4"
  3. Imported nine vector motor closed loop auto-tension synchronous control system
  4. Four independent constant temperature section drying system with heating tube and strong air fans for air in feeding and exhaust,to ensure the full dryness of web. Oven exist adopts ultrasonic EPC.
  5. Pneumatic lifting drying channel and operating platform for web passing,active synchronous running leading roller inside drying channel.
  6. Gluing and laminating adopt pneumatic pressing rollers.
  7. Rubber-plated device: The anilox rollers control the amount of ink scrapping by scrapers. While the rubber roller adopts dual air cylinder to increase the pressure while the pressure can be adjusted freely. It is also equipped with device that the rubber-plated film can lift automatically while stopping the machine.
  8. Turret type unwinding station with EPC and auto splicing system, high speed non-stop shaft exchange
  9. Turret type rewinding station with EPC and auto splicing system with pre-driver,high speed non-stop shaft exchange.
  10. Laminating hor drum and pressing roller device: Laminating hot drum and pressing roller device are heated through the hot oil to make the temperature of the heat beat average and to save electricity. Pressing roller is controlled by dual air cylinder, while the pressure can be adjusted freely.

Technical Parameters

Model  SLFH-B-800  SLFH-B-1000  SLFH-B-1200
Max Laminating width 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Max Web Width 820mm 1020mm 1220mm
Max Laminating Speed  150m/min     
Max Dia of Material  ф600mm   
Internal Dia of Roll Core  ф76mm ( ф156mm 可选)
Length of Oven 6000mm
Max adjustable temp of heat beat 70℃-90℃
Max adjustable temp of dry oven 80℃
Heating Way 电加热(气加热、油加热可选)
Total Power 150 170Kw 190Kw
Weight 18000KG 19000KG 20000KG
Dimension  L12500×W3200×H3100mm  L12500×W3400×H3100mm  L12500×W3600×H3100mm