Disposable Long Sleeve Glove Making Machine

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Disposable Long Sleeve Glove Making Machine


The disposable glove making machine successfully researched and developed by our company through accumulating many years of experience in the production of high and low pressure glove making machine, replacing the original electric heating wire model homemade equipment, with stable product quality, automatic control, easy to operate and maintenance. It is the ideal equipment for producing PE, EVA and CPE film glove. The main power of the machine adopts 1.5KW 220V frequency converter and inverter motor which with stable performance and low noise. It controlled by single chip microcomputer, and it adopts three-phase mix stepper motor and actuator, which have such advantage as low maintenance and low noise.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model WDF-LG1000
Glove Length  1000 mm
Thickness of Film  0.02-0.08 mm
Making Speed 30-50 pcs/min
Power Supply Voltage 380V 50HZ
Main Motor Power 2.2 KW
Total Power  13.5 KW
Processing Material HDPE LDPE
Overall Dimension 3500X1000X1500mm